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Cpanel Hosting Control Panel

Cpanel is now included on specified Unix Web Hosting accounts. 
To learn more about our Unix web site hosting accounts featuring Cpanel click here

Features List



Manage Email Accounts (Add, Remove, Change Password)
WebMail for all Accounts
Automatically configure Outlook Express to receive e-mail.
Auto Responders
Custom Mail Filtering
Mailing Lists (mailman)
Ability to Modify an MX Entry
Spam Filtering
Webalizer Web Stats
Webalizer Ftp Stats
Analog Stats
View Latest Visitors
View Bandwidth Usage
View Error Log
Download a raw logfile
Manage Ftp Accounts (Add, Remove, Change Password)
Anonymous Ftp Control
Ability to change ftp login message
Ability to kill ftp sessions
Site Tools
Web Protect (htaccess editor)
Ability to Change Site and Frontpage password
Custom Error Pages
Ability to Edit Mime Types
Ability to Edit Apache Handlers
Install Frontpage Extensions
Uninstall Frontpage Extensions
Search Engine Submit Tool
File Manager - WYSISYG Browser Based HTML editor. (Just like using Microsoft Word, or FrontPage from within the File Manager)>
Ability to Add/Remove Subdomains
Subdomain Redirects
Stats for Subdomains
Advanced Tools
SSH access
Manage GPG Keys
Cron Jobs
Pre-Installed Cgi Scripts
Interchange Shopping Cart
Agora Shopping Cart
XMB Bulletin Board
Java Chat
Html Chat
Cgi Wrapper (for non-suexec installs)
Random HTML Generator
Advanced Guestbook
Counter Generator
Java Clock Generator
Java Countdown Generator
Secure FormMail clone
Entropy Search
Entropy Banner

Advanced Scripts

Fantastico is an amazing CPanel/PHP based Web application. It integrates with CPanel and gives your clients the ability to automagically install the following Open Source Applications:


PHP-Nuke (visit site)
Post-Nuke (visit site)
phpWebSite (english version - visit site)
xoops (visit site)


b2 (visit site)
pMachine Free (visit site)

Discussion Boards:

phpBB2 (visit site)
Invision Board (visit site)

Customer Relationship:

CS Live Help (visit site)
PHP Support Tickets (visit site)
Support Services Manager (visit site)

Other Scripts:
OS Commerce 2.2> (visit site)
4images Gallery (visit site)
PHPauction (visit site)
PHProjekt (visit site)
phpLinks (visit site)
Moodle (visit site)
Noahís Classifieds (visit site)
PHPlist (visit site)
WebCalendar ( visit site)

Network Tools

DNS Lookup Trace route

Database Management

Manage MySQL Databases (Add, Remove, Change Password, Add Access Hosts)
phpMyAdmin Access

Multimedia Tutorials

Full Control - Cpanel allows you to take control of your website.  You can now do things from your browser that used to require telnet access or a call to your web hosting company's support center.  Many web hosting companies simply will not allow you the amount of control over your own website or can't support all of the features available with Cpanel. 

Web Based E-mail - One of the most popular features of Cpanel is the ability to check your e-mail from the web.  You no longer need to set up outlook or Netscape to retrieve your e-mail.  You can fully manage it right through your browser from anywhere in the world.  This is very useful for professionals on the go, or simply for the ability to keep up with your e-mail while traveling or on vacation. 

E-commerce - Why search endlessly for the perfect shopping cart software, and then spend hours or days trying to install it?  Cpanel includes 3 extremely versatile and powerful shopping carts.  osCommerce Agora and Interchange. Installation is as easy as the click of a button, and takes less than a minute.  All 3 shopping carts are compatible with most major payment gateways such as  As an added bonus, osCommerce is fully integrated with Paypal.

Community - Everybody knows that one of the best way to encourage repeat traffic is to provide a community for your visitors.  That is why Cpanel supplies several community building scripts including a full featured MySQL based bulletin board forum with your web hosting account.  The MySQL backend means that your forum can handle unlimited posts and members, so you will never outgrow it.  Just like with the shopping carts, installation takes seconds, and anyone can do it.  We also have several advanced scripts such as PHP-Nuke one of the most powerful community building scripts available.  PHPauction will give you all of the advanced features you need to start your own auction site.  Don't spend hours downloading, uploading, configuring, and testing these programs, all of our advanced scripts can be installed on your site with a click of the mouse. 

Stats - Tired of trying to guess how many people visited your site?  Do you need to know how visitors are finding your site? Cpanel includes popular statistics programs Webalizer and Analog.  Both are full featured graphic stats programs, and using both together will give you more control over your marketing efforts.  Your hosting account also comes with access to raw log files for the ultimate in control.

Multiple Users - Do you have multiple employees or designers that each need a managed FTP account? Cpanel provides an easy way for you to manage your design team allowing each to access your site with a unique username and password.  You may assign temporary FTP access to an outside designer or programmer, then remove their access in order to maximize the security of your website.  Our advanced scripts even include PHProjekt, a collaboration program which will allow you to assign tasks to each member of your design team and track their progress.

Easy Backup - If you have ever lost data you will appreciate the security of browser based backup.  With Cpanel you can back your data up right through your browser and save a copy to your local hard disk to restore later in case of emergency.  This allows you to backup on your schedule and restore your website without any assistance.  

Full documentation - Cpanel comes with full documentation available right in your control panel.  The instruction manual is fully indexed and easy to navigate.  It includes easy, detailed instructions for performing every task available in you web hosting control panel.  

To learn more about our Unix web site hosting accounts featuring Cpanel click here

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